• Astronomy Online
    Sections on observational astronomy, basic science and astronomical instruments, the solar system, stellar astronomy, the galaxy, cosmology, astrobiology, exoplanets, and astrophotography.For amateur astronomers of all ages.
  • comPADRE: Physics and Astronomy Education Communities
    High-quality digital resources for physics/astronomy education.
  • Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology
    Online exhibit that presents independent, parallel histories of tools and ideas. Tools section combines observations, ideas, and technology, moving from the naked eye to early telescopes, through space telescopes, spectroscopy, and nonoptical cosmology.
  • Herschel Space Observatory
    Information about the recently launched telescope that will study the universe from the light of the far-infrared and submillimeter portions of the spectrum.
  • HubbleSite
    Useful resource for learning more about our skies today. Includes abundant information and images about the Hubble Space Telescope and astronomy.
  • MESSENGER Web Site
  • NASA Images
    Includes images and video
  • U.S. Naval Observatory. Astronomical Applications Dept.: Data Services
    Provides a myriad of information on all types of astronomical phenomena. Data covered includes moon phases, sun and moon positions, eclipses, date of Easter, the Earths seasons, Julian calendar date conversion and information on sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and twilight times.
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