• Archive of American Television
    Includes 600 interview videos with well-established television professionals since 1997.
  • Archives New Zealand Film Site
    122,000 government-funded film reels and videotapes produced primarily by the New Zealand National Film Unit from 1942 to 1989.
  • C-Span
    The archives cover 23 years of history and five presidential administrations including more than 160,000 hours of C-Span footage.
  • Center for Creative Photography Digital Collections
    Archive of the work Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Edward Weston, Garry Winogrand, and other important 20th-century photographers.
  • Europa Film Treasures
    European cinematographic heritage online, film archives, documentation and treasure hunt.
  • FedFlix
    features more than 3,300 films created by the US government over the past 70 years
  • Flickr Commons
    Interactive photosharing site with uploading, downloading and Creative Commons licensed material.
  • The Best of American Folklore Films
    Includes 103 films from 1964 to the present.
  • Internet Movie Database
    Over 2,250,000 filmographies covering 180,000 movie titles and over 560,000 people.
  • Internet Moving Image Archive
    Subset of the Internet Archive. It includes 139,000 movies, including classic feature films and animated cartoons in the public domain; historical documentary works; educational and industrial films; home movies; newsreels; advertisements; propaganda; and other vintage ephemera that are in the public domain and many of which are downloadable.
  • Liam's Pictures from Old Books
    Over 2,600 high-resolution free images.
  • Metacritic
    Searchable database of individual reviews of film, video/DVD, television, music, books and games.
  • Morgue File
    Public image archive for creatives, by creatives.
  • Movie Review Query Engine
    Articles covering over 30,000 movies from all over the world.
  • National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives
    635,00 ethnological and archaeological photographs, 20,000 works of native art, 11,400 sound recordings, and more than 8 million feet of original film and videos.
  • NYPL Digital Gallery
    Collection includes illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, and photographs.
  • The Official Academy Awards ® Database
    Contains information dating back to 1927.
  • Origins of American Animation
    Collection of animated films and fragments produced between 1900 and 1921 reveals the evolution of animation from newspaper comic strips to film.
  • PDPhoto
    Database of Public domain photographs.
  • Photos8
    Free Stock photos and backgrounds.
  • PicFindr
    Search engine for finding stock photos for personal or commercial use
  • Polar Exploration Photo Site
    20,000 photos from 150 years of history with a searchable picture library and gallery.
  • Silent Era
    Listings and information about films released between 1888 and 1929. Indexes include color, cinematography, early sound, large format, silent serials, and stereoscope.
    Information on most current and many older television series and their casts.
  • WPClipart
    Free, public domain clipart.
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