Summit Pacific Library is a Hybrid Library, meaning that as a student you will be able to work with physical books as well as digital resources.

The Summit Library Catalog (OasisSIS) gives you access to information about all physical books, as well as direct access to some digital resources. This guide acquaint you with the process of searching using the Library Catalog.

There are two ways of accessing the library catalogue:

  • From the Library Web Site:
  • From withing the Student Portal: Accessing the Library Catalog from within the Portal allows students to place items on hold under thier student account. It also provides access to the student's loan history, due dates, reserves and hold requests. Students can also create a list of desired items under My Book Shelf.

Oasis OPAC 1


Login into your own account through the Summit Pacific College website. Portal log in is found under Current Students. Portal Direct Login:

Enter your school email address and your password.

From the Right-hand navigation menu, select Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

Oasis OPAC 2

You will find more functions available to help you find, reserve, or hold a bibliographic resource.

Oasis OPAC 3


It is recommended that you use Keyword for searching, as this is the most extensive tool. Other search options are by Title, Author, Subject, LC Call Number, Series Title, ISBN, or Barcode.You can only search one keyword at a time.

Oasis OPAC 4

Once you have entered the search term or phase, click on Search Catalog, it should look like this:

Oasis OPAC 5

If your search has yielded too many results there is an additional search bar within your search. As you can see the search started at 794 entries.

This can be narrowed down by searching with the results.

We enter C. S. Lewis in the secondary search box and the result is 5 records.

Oasis OPAC 6

This additional search will allow you to breakdown the results using additional Keywords, or authors, etc. You can only use one secondary search term at a time.


After you have found a resource you are looking for, you will need to record a couple of numbers in order to physically locate the book in the Library.

Look in the column that says Call No. This is a Library of Congress Call Number.

Oasis OPAC 7

The two capital letters (i.e. BR) will tell you which isle and the numbers following will help determine the exact range and shelf location.

Oasis OPAC 8a

In the case of the book listed below, the mcl before the BR will tell you which collection the book is located in. Sometimes a Library staff will have to help you get a book out of Special Collections, which is locked.

Oasis OPAC 8


Clicking the view button will give you more information about the book.

Oasis OPAC 9

This is called the Book Information or OPAC Information Card. For most titles there is an abstract, as well as it lists whether or not the title is currently on the shelf or checked out. It will also give you a better look at the Book Cover which can assist in locating the resource.

Oasis OPAC 10

Information about the item's status is provided at the bottom including the number of copies available.

If the item is On Loan – or not “available” you can put a Reserve on the item by scrolling down and clicking Place on Hold highlighted on the right. The library will notify you when the item is available via email and you will get priority on it.

Oasis OPAC 11


For Essay Documentation, you will need to note the the following:

  • Author(s);
  • Title
  • Subtitle;
  • Edition;
  • Place of Publication;
  • Publisher
  • Publishing or Copyright Date
  • and the Page(s) that you use in your paper.
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